Friday, August 27, 2010

Pshdbk Fridays

Untitled from Mike Marzoa on Vimeo.

More Throwbacks!!!

Skating For Now from Alex Brownley on Vimeo.

I made this clip at the end of the summer in '04. It was one of the first clips I edited, which might explain why its a little cheesy (sort of like a video photo album). All the footage was filmed in less than a month, primarily from a Richmond day trip, a few spots around VB and of course, the Chesapeake warehouse; One of my favorite spots of all time which we ended up exploiting to the point that we were raging there every night until I was ultimately arrested and the spot became a huge bust. Sorry Virginia. Wait, no I'm not
I made this for a school project at Flagler around the same time. So much fun driving around getting hammered and filming Adam running around in a speedo. I know, the song is anobvious Hot Chocolate rip off. Who Cares?
-al dirty

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berard double rock

berards double rock clip is doin it big time. my favorite part is in the comments some kid said something about the stockier guys are killing it these days.........fuccin awesome

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Maloof Money Cup 2010 Street Practice

Maloof Money Cup 2010

Maloof Money Cup Pro Street Practice 2010 Qualification from Anthony Conard on Vimeo.

You know for the biggest contest in skateboarding the

Noodle was going to be there! Yeah, we're tasty like that!

Even though this was the practice jam session Thursday,

it was still entertaining to watch! Thanks to Nikki at Vans,

she surprised me with a camera to shoot with before we

took off from Vans HQ and free food in the Vans RV with

the likes of Greg Hunt and Gilbert Crockett. The videos

not me at my greatest, I'm a bit rusty since I haven't owned

a camera in a couple months now but the music is a by a

band that somebody we work with at Vans is in so you

might wan't to check em, there rad! Conard-